Dolls Clothes Size Chart

To assist in the selection of the most appropriate size for your doll or bear we have provided you with the following information. If you need further info please do contact us, either by email or by telephone 01793 490440, and we will be able to help you further.

We have tried to provide some flexibility in the fitting of all our dolls clothes, they are either elasticated, have Velcro fastening, or are designed to be loose style fitting with a slightly higher waistband. This also means that they should be more easily transferable from one doll to another!

DollNameBrandBodyLengthChestWaistFeetFrilly Lily Clothes SizeFrilly Lily Shoe Size
American Girl American Girl® American Girl® Vinyl / Cloth 46cm 28cm 27cm 6.5cm x 3.5cm Small Medium
Corolle Mon Classique 36cm Corolle Soft 36cm 28cm 32cm 6cm x 3.5cm Small Small
Corolle Mon Classique 46cm Corolle Soft 46cm 35.5cm 37cm 6cm x 4cm Medium Medium

Corolle Vanilla Blonde

Corolle Soft 38cm 25cm 25cm 5cm x 3cm My First Baby Size (12-14 inches) Ex-Small (03)

Classic Baby Born


Hard 43cm 29cm 29cm 6cm x 3.5cm Small Small

Baby Annabell


Soft 46cm 29cm 35cm 7cm x 4cm Medium Large

My First Baby Annabell


Soft 36cm 26.5cm 30cm 5.5cm x 3.5cm My First Baby Size (30-36 cm 12-14 inch dolls) Small

My Little Baby Born


Soft 32cm 25cm 26cm 5cm x 3cm My First Baby Size (30-36 cm 12-14 inch dolls) Small slippers and My First Baby Booties

My Design a Friend

Chad Valley Soft 46cm 22cm 19cm 7cm x 3.4cm Small But as the waist is very slight avoid fitted styles e.g. Pj's and pants and vest sets. Medium

Chou Chou (48cm)


Soft 48cm 35cm 37cm 8cm x 4cm Medium Large

Bitty Baby


Soft 46cm 33cm 34cm 7cm x 4cm Medium (Due to width, girth and shoulders) Medium

Bonnie and Pearl

Bonnie and Pearl

Soft 50cm 28cm 28cm 7cm x 4cm Small Medium

Kidz and Cats

Heart and Soul

Hard 46cm 23cm 23cm 7cm x 3.5cm Small (not vest, pants or pj's) Medium



Hard 50cm 24cm 23.5cm 7.5cm x 3.5cm Small (due to small wait avoid fitted items e.g. pj's, vest and pants sets) Medium

Precious Day Girl


Soft 50cm 28.5cm 26.5cm 6.5cm x 3.5cm Small Large

Happy Kids Anna


Hard (Jointed x 9) 50cm 25cm 22.5cm 7.5cm x 4cm Small Large

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch

Soft 40cm 26cm 26cm n/a Small n/a

Cabbage Patch Doll (46cm)

Cabbage Patch

Soft 44cm 33cm 33cm n/a Medium n/a



Hard 43cm 21.5cm 6cm x 2.6cm 03 Frillylily 03 Frillylily
Classic Tiny Tears

John Adams

Hard 38cm 26cm 27cm 5cm x 3.5cm Small Small
ELC Berenguer New Born Baby

Early Learning Centre

Hard 36cm 27cm 27.5cm 6cm x 4cm Small Small Slippers Only
ELC Abbie Drinks and Wets

Early Learning Centre

Hard 40cm 26cm 27cm 6cm x 3.5cm My First Baby (12-14 inches) Small
Build a Bear Teddy

Build a Bear

Soft 46cm 38cm 40cm n/a Medium n/a
Tidoo 30cm Baby Doll


Soft 30cm 20cm 23cm 4cm x 2.5cm My First Baby (12-14 inches) My First Baby Booties
Baby Annabell Learns to Walk


Hard 42cm 28cm 29cm 5.8cm x 3.3cm Small Small
Baby Born Sister Interative Zapf Hard 45cm 28.5cm 29cm 6cm x 3.3cm Small Small
Berenguer Boutique JC Toys Soft 37cm 29cm 30cm 5cm x 2.9cm My First Baby (12-14 inches) Small
Alicia Munecas Berbesa Soft 38cm 30cm 29cm 5.8cm x 3.2cm My First Baby (12-14 inches) Small
LA NewBorn Berenguer / JC Toys Hard 39cm 25.5cm 26.5cm 6.2cm x 4cm Small Medium
Our Generation BATTAT Soft 46cm 28cm 30cm 6cm x 3.8cm Small Medium
Sindy Pedigree (Tesco) Soft 46cm 26.5cm 25cm 6.4cm x 3.4cm Small Medium
Tiny Treasures Chad Valley Soft 41cm 31cm 35cm 7.3cm x 4.3cm Medium Large
A Girl For All Time A Girl For All Time ® Vinyl 42cm 21cm 18cm 6.5cm x 3cm A Girl For All Time A Girl For All Time
Luvabella Luvabeau Spin master Vinyl 41cm 28cm 29cm 8cm x 4.5cm Luvabella Luvabeau Luvabella Luvabeau
Disney Animators Doll Disney Vinyl 41cm 20.5cm 23.5cm 6cm x 3cm Disney Animators Doll Sasha
Roddy Doll Vintage Roddy Hard plastic
Cellulose Acetate
41cm 21.5cm 18.5cm 4.8cm x 3cm Sasha Sasha
Baby Alive Hasbro Vinyl 31cm 21cm 22cm 5.5cm x 3cm 12-14 inch Small

Sizing for Dolls and Bears Clothing

Extra Small
To fit dolls and bears such as Sasha Dolls. Many outfits in our extra small size will also fit dolls such as Corolle 14 inch Vanilla Blond Doll, and My First Baby Chou Chou as well as My First Baby Annabell. Height: 35-45 cm [14-18 ins]. These dolls have waist measurement of approx 22 cm as a giude.

My First Baby Size
To fit Baby dolls such as My Little Baby Born,My First Baby Annabell,Gotz Little Muffin Doll,Corolle Mon Premier Bebe, Corolle Mon Bebe, and most 30-36 cm , smaller baby dolls . Height 30-36cm[12-14 ins]

To fit dolls and teddy bears, such as Baby Born,[ Including the new Baby Born Interactive] American Girl, Hannah by Gotz [has a slightly smaller waist so avoid the more fitted styles], Argos Design a friend Doll, and Toys R Us Journey Girl [also has a smaller waist so avoid the more fitted styles], Gotz Precious Day Girl, Jessica, Elisabeth and Julia, Corolle Les Classiques Dolls 14 inch high including Suce Puce, Bebe Do, BebeTresor, Bebe Charmeur, Tiny Tears, New Cabbage Patch Kids, Heart and Soul Petite Fleur dolls the Kidz 'n'Cats Dolls and Bonnie and Pearl Dolls. Height: 35-40 cms [14-18 ins]. These dolls and bears tend to have waist measurements of approx 25-30 cms as a guide.

To fit dolls such as Baby Annabell, Baby Chou Chou, , Les Classiques 17 inch dolls by Corolle including Lila, Bebe Cheri and Lila Cherie, 17 inch tall Cabbage Patch Dolls and Build a bear. Height: 45-50 cms [18-20 ins]. These dolls and bears tend to have waist measurements of approx 35-37 cm approx as a guide. All dolls clothes are machine washable on a gentle wash.

Sizing for Dolls Shoes

Please do check the actual measurements of your dolls feet!

Extra Small
6 cm x 3 cm , fitting dolls such as Sasha, and my First Baby Annabell.

6cm x 3.5 cm , fitting dolls such as Baby Born ,Tiny Tears Corolle Les Classiques dolls 14 inch including Suce Puce

7.2 x 3.3 cm fitting dolls such as American Girl Doll, Gotz Precious Day Doll, Argos Design a Friend Doll,Toys R Us Journey Girl, Sarah and Hannah by Gotz, Maxy Muffin and Corolle Les Classiques range 17 inch dolls including Lila, Petite Fleur Doll.

8.2 x 4.2 cm fitting dolls such as many models of Baby Annabell.