Resources for Early Years Foundation Stage ; Dolls Clothes

Resources for Early Years Foundation Stage :Frilly Lily Dolls Clothes

Here at Frilly Lily we have spent a lot of time designing the dolls clothes and accessory range so that they offer the perfect resource for the EYFS setting .

Home corners are considered to be a facility that should be available for continuous provision in nursery, preschool and foundation stage settings . As such , investment in good quality , well designed and machine washable dolls clothes and accessories is vital. We feel our clothes , with quality manufacture , a superb range , and competitive, pricing offer the best choice available in the market place.


A well planned home corner is acknowledged as offering children particularly rich opportunities for imaginative play and role play but should also provide a “real” context for exploring ideas across many other aspects of the curriculum.

Sue Rogers and Julie Evans in their book inside Role Play in Early Childhood Education remind us that domestic play is more important to young children than we sometimes recognise. Within apparently mundane domestic scenarios, the complexities of relationships, daily routines and social dynamics are tested and rehearsed.

It is beneficial then , that the home area should be designed to mirror as closely as possible , a home environment that is familiar to children reflecting their personal experience .

Julian Grenier , early years advisor for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets agrees with this and advises that home corner resources are easily recognisable , everything provided should be the right size for the children to hold and manipulate. In terms of dolls clothes he feels realistic toy versions should be present , so that young children do not become confused between the real thing and toys

On this basis , here at Frilly Lily we design our clothes so that they reflect realistic miniature versions of real baby clothes , as well as ones that fit the dolls appropriately . Fastenings are easy to manipulate , many have velcro closures , others have button fastenings to encourage fine motor skills .

It is also recognised that Male and female dolls should be present , with appropriately sized clothes , that should be gender specific . Here at Frilly Lily we have a range of boy dolls clothes and accessories , in a variety of sizes , as well as a range of girl dolls clothes , as well developing our range of neutral gender clothes. Many EYFS settings have found that providing boy dolls clothes , can engage boys more readily in the home corner ,and can certainly benefit learning in terms of boys exploring and negotiating domestic roles, and making connections in their experience and learning ,.

Resourcing a mixture of boy and girl dolls , and of various ethnic diversity , can help boys and girls develop self esteem and a sense of belonging , and encourage a shared play theme , developing ideas with other children.

Take a look at our superb collection of dolls clothes and accessories for your EYFS setting , including our Baby Doll starter sets . Hundreds of Nurseries, Pre schools and Foundation stage providers have already purchased these as resources ,and are delighted with the contribution they make to their learning environment.

Early years consultant Marie Charlton says “it is really important to support and encourage children’s growing awareness of their own needs and those of others. By acting the roles of Mum Dad ,baby or even the dog , they begin to recognise that others need to be fed ,looked after and loved “