Frilly Lily Dolls clothes for 12-14 inch [ 30 -36 cm ] Baby Dolls.

This year we have extended our dolls clothes range, by adding lots of new dolls outfits to our range for baby dolls 12-14 inches [ 30 36 cm ].

These smaller dolls are well suited for a younger child, as most have soft bodies, which make them easy to cuddle, and their flexible limbs make them easier to dress too.

Dolls that fit into this size range include My First Baby Annabell, My First Baby Annabell’s Brother and Petitcollin’s Petit Calin these are the largest at 36 cm and the clothes will be a good snug fit.

33 cm Baby Dolls, such as Gotz Baby Hannah, and Gotz Little Muffin together with Llorona Carol and Kathe Kruse Mini Bambina, My Little Baby Born and Baby Born My Little Boy fit nicely in the middle of this clothes range, so should provide a good fit.

At only 30 cm Melissa and Doug’s Jenna and Dolls World Pheobe, together with Corolle Tido and Corolle Mon Premier Calin, are the smallest dolls that this range of clothes will fit. The clothes in the 12-14 inch size range will be a little looser on these dolls, as together with being shorter they have smaller waist measurements too.

Our customers requested twin outfits for these smaller dolls too, as My First Baby Annabell 's Brother, and Baby Born My Little Boy provide perfect partners for their sisters! We are delighted to have a selection of these twin doll outfits for the 30-36 cm dolls, including dolls twin night time sets, dolls twin sleep sacs and dolls twin fleece sets.