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There is no doubt that playing with dolls can be an incredibly positive and valuable part of childhood. As adults we remember fondly the dolls we played with as children. Here at Frilly Lily we particularly believe in the importance of imaginative play with dolls as it helps children tap into their creative side and teaches them to care for others. We are delighted to present our fabulous range of dolls clothes and accessories.

All our Outfits comply with European Safety Legislation EN71 and bears the CE mark accordingly .

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Complete Winter School Uniform for 38 cm Miniland Doll including Bookbag and Shoes.
Complete winter school uniform set fo 38 cm Miniland Doll . There are three colour options available , all sets include a grey pinafore dress and white blouse and black patent Mary Jane shoes . If you select red your set will include a red cardigan and book bag , if you select navy , you will recive a navy blue cardigan and bookbag , and if you select green , the cardigan will be green as will the book bag. The pinafore dress has Velcro closures , the blouse has little buttons. Our little Mary Jane patents have a Velcro closure , as does the bookbag.
Dinkum Doll Three Piece Stripy Trouser Set
Three piece set to fit Dinkum Dolls , choose from either red stripy leggings set with milticoloured little boats T shirt and red stripy hat , green stripy leggings and matching hat with a little giraffe T shirt , or navy stripy leggings with a matching stripy hat and T shirt with little navy boats.TheT shirt has velcro closures. The red set has a cute matching reversible jacket to match !